fredag 9 maj 2008

So what is this crap all about...

Another blog focusing on the fine craft of applying nine bars of pressure to water, than heat it to approximately 90 degrees celcius to let it perculate through a pressed cake of coffee to become the beverage called espresso in 28 seconds time... I guess you can live without it, I guess it won't change anything. But if we lose the focus of those facts and get straight to business instead. Who am I?

Well, I call myself Laboratorio on this blog. I am a Swedish barista approaching 30 that has been active in this industry since the spring of 2003. I am the manager in charge of a high-profile espresso bar in the beautiful city of Stockholm, Sweden. My bible is "Espresso Coffee - The Science of Quality" and I keep a rather academic approach towards the organoleptical as well as the preparational understanding of the beverage.

My blog has the title "Viva Espressi", I won't translate it for you, and the subtext: "Refining my craft - One shot a time". That is probably enough to understand my view of coffee in general. Perfection can NEVER be achieved. But it is a great goal.

Most of the images on his blog will be from my home setup. I use a number of machines. Mostly though a Gaggia GE One which I have modified with LED-lights and a few other things. The main grinder is a Mazzer Major, but I also use a Rossi RR45 and a small Ascaso on a regular basis. The first pictures here are of a double "fashionable" aussie style ristretto that finally got some milk too... The coffee is a personal blend of four different classic single-estate coffees in equal amount. (Won't give information on that one yet...). It tasted great by the way!



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