söndag 18 maj 2008

Labour of love

Been a nice weekend to work in the bar. The tourists are coming and Stockholm has been sparkeling in the rain. I had a steady flow from opening til closing time with a queue almost the whole time. I had an organic blend in the grinder that was sweet and wonderful. Actually I felt near heaven everytime I put the timer on, gave the old extraction button a punch and just watched the slow flow for 25 seconds. 25 seconds of one of the most beautiful shows ever. Seeing those 5 centilitres of sweet, thick liquid pour down into a set of cappuccino cups. It is in that moment I realize why I spend my days infront of the machine. I love it. After I shut the shop today I extracted the last espresso (that one is always for me...) and went out for a cigarette. One of the best espresso's I've had. 9 grams extracted into 2,5 centiliters in 32 seconds time. Sweet!

Cleaned up and got on the sub home. Flirted a bit with the cute girl infront of me at the train and enjoyed a slow walk home.

Got home to the old GE-One and opened a small bag of Brandmeester's Equito that I have had lying around a few weeks since I used that blend on a freelance gig. Put Damien Rice - O on the stereo and began... Took some photos of it (published with this post). It was sweet and fruity but lacked some body. Will try to get it better tomorrow. Off work tomorrow so I'll spend some time painting a wall at home and just enjoy life. Making some espressi for sure!

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