fredag 4 juli 2008

On a slow note

Kind of Blue (Miles Davis) on the stereo system. A honey-like double-shot espresso with strong chocolate notes, a bit of hazelnut, low on the fruit and acidity with a huge body, a nice sweetness and almost no bitterness at all. The industry is still in a hang-over state since Copenhagen and a lot of people have gone on vacation. So this is a small sum-up of the stuff that's been crossing my mind since last time.

So let's start with the stuff everyone is chatting about...
Anette of Square Mile made the roast and blend for the winner for the second time in a row. (Stephen Morrisey 2008 , James Hoffman 2007). I'd really like to sit down with her and just learn. She's cute too. All creds in the world to her! To me that is the most impressing achievement of the Copenhagen industry get-together. Of course we saw a lot of solid barista performances, but nothing that really rocked me in ways of "unseen before" or "super creative". So I won't be discussing it here. In anyway it has turned me into the competition on a personal level. I am already trying to put together a team (80% done already), setting up a training facility (done) and starting to work together with a roaster to really get to know the stuff I'll serve and to roast it myself (starting in August). I've gotten sponsorship for most expences so once it start running (after vacation) I'll be up to my knees in work. I have a lot of creative ideas I haven't seen yet in competition, so fellow baristi, be aware!

In the blog world everything is the way it always been... Kiril is still living the life of the international espressi playboy (or globetrotter). St Ali my favorite café stylewise has changed hands, but the blog seems to be updated by the new owner. In Antwerpen it is still about finding the stuff that makes my giggle! Barismo is still the quasi-academic blog about getting the most out of the coffee (green or brown). Every competitor is thanking their close ones and their team. Rod Lazar came, but was gone in a flash. So nothing earth shattering there either.

Inside SCAA and the WBC-board there seem to be a few conflicts, but there is very "hysch-hysch" about it (to use a swedish term). Would love to see a greater transparency in our trade organisations... And no press-release yet on the new WBC-sponsors. Some info please, for crying out loud!

In the bar I have started to get a lot of really awkward people coming in on a regular basis. So my next post will be about the controversial subject of...

...How to behave and more important NOT to behave when ordering your coffee-fix! So remember to put me in your RSS-reader to get updated as soon as I publish it.

The final note of today...
I am putting my faith into me going to Toronto, Canada a few week this fall. Any ideas of places I must see and bars, roasters etc. I must visit?????? Would love some help on this one.

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